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Roberta´s Boudoir

 One of my most inspirational places where I love to work is my home. Don´t get me wrong, I go to lot of exhibitions, galleries, events and libraries and I travel a lot to a places where some of my heros did, but my place is something I am very keen on. I decorated it the way I wanted and I am surrounded by everythig I love from every angle.

I named my place the boudoir. ´Boudoir´ is also the name of my perfume by Vivienne Westwood I had worn in the past ten years and the scent is so eccentric that I can´t think of any better one for me. There is no other fragrance that represents my personality and personal style better than this one, pink coloured liquid packaged in glass bottle finished with golden orb on top.

My home is heavily decorated, white walls and empty spaces scare me. It´s a mixture of  Versailles revival furniture (circa 1950´s-60´), golden frames full of all my literary heros, punk bands and Old Hollywood glamour. I gather lady headvases and signed beat generation books...There is a photo of William Burroughs right next to my bed (and there is hot water bottle of Jayne Mansfield hidden in it) with his gun, he is looking after me when I sleep... I collect novelty handbags (that often look like props and blend in perfectly everywhere I place them) and embelished circle skirts. I also work on my clothing label here. My boudoir is very creative place.

My favourite thing though is my kidney shaped dressing table. That´s where the beauty happens. I have a big poster of Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassidy nearby and I handwrote some inspirational quotes on it so I can remind them to myself when I am getting ready. I always listen to music, spoken word, podcats or even music boxes. I love my pink boudoir the most. That´s where I like to hide. 

Photographs of objects: Please note these are all mainly from my phone, so not the best quality.