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Roberta is my real name that brought me a lot of drama when I was younger, but in my teens I discovered a movie with the same name, that was based on a book called Gowns by Roberta. It was about Roberta who had her own clothing label in Paris. Voila! Done.

That´s why I decided to dedicate and name all my pieces after women that you have to know about. Both from the past or present. Because I think it´s important and it matters to keeping the legacy of women´s history. I have never ending list of muses from different backgrounds and in the arts.

I worship Joan of Arc for being brave and cross-dressing. Anne Waldman for her writings and establishing Jack Kerouac school. Kate Spade for her colourful vision, Joyce Johnson for ´The Minor Characters´ Theda Bara for her image and persona. Victoria Grant for her hat designs. Lulu Guinness for her handbags. Sylvia Plath for her poetry. Meg White for her simple yet powerful drumming. Dory Previn for her beautiful lyrics. The Parkin´s (both Molly and Sophie) for being amazing painters, Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star for her beautiful music, Karina Longworth for her podcast ´You must remember this´, Geogre O´Keefe for her lifestory. Elsa Schiaparelli for her uniquiness. Sylvia Plath for her poetry. Hedy Lamarr for her acting and her inventions. Connie Converse for her courage to leave. Charlotte Olympia for her shoes and bags. Joan Didion for her memoirs. Isabella Blow for her courage and love for hats. Lena Hoschek for her dirndles. Both Edith Beale´s for their eccentricity. Dita Von Teese for her burlesque performance. And Patti Smith for everything.